Open 8am - 4.00pm (including school holidays)

 Your child can start attending Kindergarten from 2 1/2 years of age. Once attending Kindergarten they are able to stay up until their 6th birthday, though most children will transition to school after their 5th birthday.

Prebbleton Kindergarten staffs at 100% Registered ECE Teachers every day, ensuring the highest in quality & education.

At Kindergarten we believe children learn through their play and our teachers intentionally set up our environment to support and extend the learning and interests of children within our centre. We provide extended periods of play and a variety of child led and teacher initiated experiences. Teacher’s individual philosophies connect us as a team to provide a calm, caring and nurturing environment where children are respected and empowered through reciprocal and meaningful learning focused relationships.

Teachers view children as holistic learners who have a natural sense of wonder and curiosity. We value children’s voices and encourage them to develop confidence in expressing themselves. We focus on teaching social and emotional competence through respectful relationships and problem-solving skills within our learning community. Our teachers also value developing their own skills and knowledge through professional development and collaborative relationships with whanau and the wider educational community.

We provide an environment that promotes your child’s health and well-being through connections to the natural world, through providing experiences in growing and harvesting food in our garden and through caring for our guinea pigs and birds. Kaitiakitanga is one of our values and this means we see ourselves as gaurdians of the environment. We model sustainable practice to children and teach respect for our wider natural environment through recycling and maintaining our worm farm. We strive to be the ‘next best place to home’ and offer regular baking activities to promote healthy eating and sharing of kai for every day and as well as celebrations.

Prebbleton Kindergarten supports your child to become 'school ready'. Located next door to Prebbleton Primary school, we support children’s transition to school through weekly visits to the school grounds and our close relationship with the school teaching team. We also facilitate a termly visit to the new entrance class. We promote 'school ready' skills throughout our curriculum supporting your child to develop and gain confidence in a broad spectrum of areas. These areas include self care, taking responsibility, building relationships with their peers, strengthening knowledge around literacy and numeracy, and  developing both fine and gross motor skills.

We offer all families their first 4 weeks of care and education FREE of charge (not including settling visits which are also FREE of charge). AND we offer regular FREE Sessions* (conditions apply)*