Prebbleton Nursery
Open 7.30am - 5.30pm

Prebbleton Nursery is one of a kind because we are a purpose-built centre designed for children under 3 years of age. Licensed for 35 children, our Nursery is divided into 2 core areas; The Infant Area and The Toddler Area. 

We are one of the few centres in New Zealand that offers a 1:3 ratio in The Infant Area (the government ratio is 1:5 for this age group). Low ratios directly correlate with babies & toddlers receiving the absolute highest quality of care and education. 


Prebbleton Nursery draws its philosophy from Reggio, Pikler, RIE and Playcentre early childhood development philosophies. We've identified what we believe to be the most optimal strands of these philosophies, and we apply them to our everyday teaching and Nursery environment. 

Our incredible teaching team sets us apart from many centres. Over half of the Nursery teaching team has been with Prebbleton Childcare for over a decade. Our teachers applied teaching practice is of the highest quality, and their interactions with children are exceptional. You only need to spend a few minutes in the Nursery to see the delightfully warm, playful, reciprocal and respectful relationships between teachers and the children.


The Infant Area

3 months - 20 months

We offer a 1:3 ratio which is extremely rare in the current climate of early childhood education. This 1:3 ratio results in babies and toddlers having less time waiting for their needs to be met. Our teachers can better follow individual routine requirements as requested by parents. More attentive supervision is possible. Greater learning experiences over and above routines are facilitated for the children, and one-on-one interactions between teacher and child are increased, leading to more robust, more nurturing and reciprocal relationships between teacher and child.

We invite babies & toddlers to actively participate in caregiving activities like nappies, kai time, bottles and nap time rituals and give them our full attention during these activities. This inclusion and focused attention nurture our teacher-child relationship, providing children with the sense of security they need to be able to separate and engage in self-directed play. 


We allow children to develop motor and cognitive skills naturally according to their innate timetables by offering them free play and movement opportunities in an enriching environment, rather than teaching, restricting or otherwise interfering with these organic processes. 

Your baby will be busy learning new things about themselves and those around them. They will have fun reaching developmental milestones and exploring social skills alongside others. Listening to stories, singing, playing games, participating in art & enjoying messy play help develop language and vocabulary, new concepts, movement and sensory-motor skills. 


The Infant Area has a separate inside and natural outside area, ensuring your baby's freedom to explore and interact with teachers and the environment without older children's interference. In addition, it is a place where parents are assured their baby will be safe and secure.


The Toddler Area

20 months - 34 months


We work on a 1:5 ratio in The Toddler Area.

Toddlers have unique needs that differ from babies and older preschool children. This is the time in a toddler's life when they begin to understand and master the world around them. 

We encourage children to express their emotions by openly accepting and acknowledging them, and we recognise that children need confident, emphatic leaders and clear boundaries.


Our approach values your toddler as strong, capable, resilient, and rich with wonder and knowledge. Every toddler brings with them deep curiosity and potential, and this innate curiosity drives their interest in understanding their world and their place within it. When weaving this all together, we believe toddlers are capable of constructing their own learning! 

We focus on teaching our 2 year old's values and qualities that we believe are important. These include kindness, empathy & patience.


The development of social skills is essential at Nursery, along with the skills to work co-cooperatively with others and to understand basic concepts about rules, rights and fairness. This is vital knowledge for all children and is essential in your toddler's lead-up and transition to Preschool or Kindergarten.

We understand the power of our modeling and recognise that our children learn from us through our every word and action about love, relationships, empathy, generosity, gratitude, patience, tolerance, kindness, honesty and respect. But, most profoundly, they’re learning about themselves, their abilities, their worth, and their place in the world.

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